Thursday, September 4, 2014

Solid Odoo deployment with Sentry

Sentry is exception events aggregator platform. its wildly used on post-deployment phase to trace unexpected errors and  logging of unusual events (which happens a lot on Odoo/OpenERP deployments).

I developed an odoo-sentry connector to help developers tracing exception on Odoo deployment/data migration/development.


  • packaged as installable odoo module.
  • flexible log details options.
  • ability to log orm exception.
  • an option to attach/detach user context. which can be used in debugging.

all these features mentioned above can be activated/deactivated easily on standard odoo config file. here are list of all available options:

  • sentry_client_dsn. (Required), you must set this to a valid dsn value. its the only required option.
  • sentry_allow_logging. (Optional. default false), if set to true. you will capture all odoo logging event that emitted by standard python logging module.
  • sentry_include_context. (Optional. default false), if set to true. Sentry will include current user context in additional information of every log.
  • sentry_allow_orm_warning. (Optional. default false). if set to true, sentry will also capture orm exceptions. 

the optional setting are level of details that should be avoided in normal circumstances. and recommended on first days of new deployments. because as Sentry team said: Shit happens, be on top of it.

Download Odoo-Sentry module

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Odoo RTL (Right to Left) support

On 14 Aug 2014, Odoo version 8.0RC was released, this version comes with a lot of cool new features as you seen on Opendays. since then, I started developing odoo-rtl project, an RTL support for Odoo that covers the main three modules that require RTL support:

  1. backend (the original OpenERP backend).
  2. the new report module.
  3. the new frontend (website module).


Odoo V8.0 Backend RTL <--> LTR support

and here is the a sample Quotation report with RTL ... LTR layout:

A sample report with RTL support

the same report with LTR layout

for now, I built three basic modules every one of them covers a specific functionality/feature:
  • web_rtl is the base module that for backend RTL support.
  • report_rtl PDF reports RTL support.
  • website_rtl RTL support for website module. 

extract the zip file and follow instructions.


  • Easy install, and uninstall when needed.
  • No need to rewrite reports, all standard reports are automatically adjusted to RTL.
  • Respect target language layout, if you're using LTR language and  print a SO report for a customer using RTL language, it'll be printed as RTL.

P.S.  your feedback is important, if there is something missing or not clear, don't hesitate to post an issue at github or drop a comment or contact me by email.