Sunday, December 16, 2012

OpenERP Arabic Report Now Supported on Windows


After long time suffering of OpenERP Middle East users when using OpenERP to produce clean and RTL Reports on Windows. now, I'm very proud to bring solution that ends this suffering forever.

a pure python implementation of unicode bidirection algorithm has been used for this solution. to make it cross platforms and for all openerp versions. so, there is no Fribidi will be required anymore to make openerp produce a clear reports.

we upload a short demo on youtube to see how it looks like:

This Solution will be available on with a details instructions of how to hook it into your openerp installation. so, please go and fork.

     Odoo version 8.0 is now in release candidate stage, we also developed an RTL support for it, and it covers the backend UI, the new website feature, and also reports, check it out.

Thanks and Regards.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hello, World


I started this blog for knowledge sharing, with hope that you benefit from it.
 oh, and btw. goure means Ant in nubian language

Mohammed Barsi.